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Title: Simulation study of typical auto-mechanics tasks
Authors: Abiola, Oluranti A.
Olayinka, Oke A.
Koya, Olufemi A.
Adewole, Banji Z.
Keywords: Heart rate
Issue Date: Jul-2016
Publisher: Leonardo Journal of Sciences
Citation: ABIOLA, O. A., Adekola Olayinka, O. K. E., KOYA, O. A., & ADEWOLE, B. Z. (2016). Simulation study of typical auto-mechanics tasks. Leonardo Journal of Sciences, (29), 13-24.
Abstract: This study evaluates the heart rate of healthy non-mechanics handling predetermined loads, in postures typically used by roadside auto-mechanics during repair. The heart rate for different age groups and work postures of roadside auto-mechanics were determined from the assessment of healthy non-mechanics of the same age limit using a digital premium pressure monitor. Regressions were then developed to predict the heart rates of the auto-mechanics. The result indicated that load and posture adopted by roadside auto-mechanics, accounts for 2.74% and 4.51% of increase in their heart rate respectively, while age accounts for 65.78%. It further revealed that heart rate increases with age and load handled, and also showed that heart rate is highest in bending posture, followed by stooping. In conclusion the developed regression algorithms were sufficiently adequate in predicting the heart rate of roadside auto-mechanics and it also indicated that older roadside auto-mechanics need not engage in arduous tasks.
ISSN: 1583-0233
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