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Title: Urban solid waste management: the role of strategic communication
Authors: Akpofure, Rim-Rukeh
Ogbiten, Brickins O.
Keywords: Urban solid
waste management
Role of strategic communication
Issue Date: Dec-2007
Publisher: International journal of communication. Nsukka: CSF
Citation: Rim-Rukeh, A. K. P. O. F. U. R. E., & Ogbemi, O. B. (2007). Urban solid waste management: the role of strategic communication. International journal of communication. Nsukka: CSF, 7, 240-246.
Abstract: In Nigeria, the challenges of urban solid waste management are palpable. The volume of solid waste that is visible at the urban centres is a measure of the failure of the current practices. The declaration of one of the Saturdays of every month by various state governments as environmental sanitation day and the use of radiojungles has notyielded the expected results. It is on this basis that this paper proposed a methodological shift from conventional approaches of mere radiol television announcement to strategic communications planning. The study pointed out the role of strategic communication in addressing the challenges posed by urban solid waste management. Thesix-step pyramid of strategic communication plan (communication infrastructure, establishment ofgoals, target audience. frame the issue, crafting ofmessage and media tactics) was proposed.
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