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Title: Multi-Dimensional Health Communication: A Tool for Improved Environmental Sanitation
Authors: Rim-Rukeh, A.
Ogbiten, Brickins O.
Keywords: Health Comnmnication
Improved Environmental Sanitation
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Journal of Health Communication
Citation: Rim-Rukeh, A., Ogbiten, O.B. (2007). Multi-Dimensional Health Comnmnication: A Toot for Improved Environmental Sanitation
Abstract: Environmental sanitation is the promotion of hygiene and the prevention of diseases and other consequences of health relating to environmental factors (WHO 1997). Environmental sanitation includes issues such as disposal of human excreta, urban solid waste management, domestic water supply, drainage systems, sewage and wastewater management, personal hygiene. household and community cleanliness, food hygiene, disease vectors and pest control. Adequate and effective environmental sanitation practices are the foundation of national development. Inadequate and improper sanitation and poor solid waste management remains two of the main transmitters of diseases in the world's developing countries (Adelegan 2001). Deficiencies in environmental sanitation practices have contributed significantly to the continuing high rate of infant and child mortality from diarrhea and related diseases as well as vector-borne diseases. The economic costs of inadequate environmental sanitation can be enormous due to disablement of ill people that cannot perform their tasks. Several studies carried out in Nigeria, India, and Egypt indicated the presence of health problems amongst solid waste pickers, and those living in close proximity to dump sites (Sridhar 2006; Ekugo 1998; Oyemade et al. 1999). There is a direct link between poor urban solid waste management and public health especially in terms of water related diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, cholera and typhoid (EHP 1999 and WHO 1998).
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