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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04-28Comparative Analysis of Selected Animal and Vegetable Oils Suitability in Machining of Plain Carbon SteelsAlabi, Ismaila O.; Okediji, Adebunmi P.; Ogedengbe, Temitayo S.; Joseph, Ojotu I.; Olukokun, Tolulope O.
2017-04-28Experimental Investigation of Lard and Tallow Oils Suitability in Turning Operation of Hypo-Eutectoid SteelsAderonmu, Mudasiru A.; Alabi, Ismaila O.; Kareem, Mutiu O.; Falana, Kafayat B.
2018-03-30Numerical Simulation and Modeling of UNSA91060 for Heat Transfer in Four-Stroke ICE Cylinder HeadOlaiya, Kamorudeen A.; Alabi, Ismaila O.; Falana, Kafayat A.
2013-05-28Development of an Ambient Control Method for Tomatoes PreservationOlaiya, Kamorudeen A.; Alabi, Ismaila O.; Aderonmu, Mudasiru A.; Adio, Teslim A.; Kareem, Mutiu O.
2017-04-28Effects of Precipitation Hardening on Mechanical Properties of Multistage Stirred Cast AA6063 CompositesKareem, Mutiu O.; Oluwasegun, Kunle M.; Alabi, Ismaila O.; Aderonmu, Mudasiru A.
2016-07-30Heat Transfer Analysis in Internal Combustion Engine Piston Using Comsol Multiphysics: A Case Study of Tri-CycleOke, David B.; Alabi, Ismaila O.; Adegbola, Adekunle A.
2016-03-28Parametric Studies on a Mitchell-Ossberger Turbine (Numerical Approach)Alabi, Ismaila O.; Oke, David B.; Ademola, Dare A.
2014-01-20EFFECTS OF THERMOMECHANICAL TREATMENTS ON THE CHEMICAL AND MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF Al-Cu AlloyAdegbola, Adekunle A.; Olapade, Julius; Aderonmu, Mudasiru; Salawu, Ismaila; Alabi, Ismaila O.; Kareem, Mutiu; Omotoyinbo, Joseph A.; Olaniran, Oladayo
2016-03-28Comparative Analysis of Gases Obtained From A Bio-Digester Using Different Waste MediaAlabi, Ismaila O.; Olaiya, Kamorudeen A.; Aderonmu, Mudasiru A.; Adio, Teslim A.; Kareem, Mutiu O.; Raji, Fatai O.
2015-06-30Numerical Simulation of Temperature Distribution in A Tri-Cycle Engine PistonAlabi, Ismaila O.; Olaiya, Kamorudeen A.; Kareem, Mutiu O.