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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The Bleak Nature Of Hrm Practices In Organisational Management Of Casual Labour EmploymentsAkanji, Babatunde
2017A case analysis on the adequacy of work-life balance practices in UK small-and medium-sized enterprisesAkanji, Babatunde
2020-02A critical discourse analysis of the link between professional culture and organisational cultureAdisa, Toyin Ajibade; Oruh, Emeka Smart; Akanji, Babatunde
2017-09-26Empirical Assessment on Financial Regulations and Banking Sector PerformanceIgbinosa, S.; Sunday, Ogbeide; Akanji, Babatunde
2016Executive Remuneration and the Financial Performance of Quoted Firms: The Nigerian ExperienceOgbeide, Sunday; Akanji, Babatunde
2020-05-06The experiences of work-life balance, stress, and coping lifestyles of female professionals: insights from a developing countryAkanji, Babatunde; Mordi, Chima; Ajonbadi, Hakeem Adeniyi
2013An exploratory study of work-life balance in Nigeria: Employees’ perspectives of coping with the role conflictsAkanji, Babatunde
2021-05-21Exploring cultural values in conflict management: a qualitative study of university heads of departmentsAkanji, Babatunde; Mordi, Chima; Ajonbadi, Hakeem; Adekoya, Olatunji, David
2016-12Exporing business management obscurities encountered by female entrepreenuers in Nigeria: Prospecting an agenda for social changeAkanji, Babatunde
2022-03The Impact of COVID-19 on the Work-Life Balance of Working Mothers: Evidence from Nigerian AcademicsAkanji, Babatunde; Mordi, Chima; Ajonbadi, Hakeem; Adekoya, Olatunji
2018-11-04Impact of leadership styles on employee engagement and conflict management practices in Nigerian universitiesAkanji, Babatunde; Mordi, Tonbara; Ajonbadi, Hakeem; Mojeed-Sanni, Bashir
2012-03The impact of work-life balance on the commitment and motivation of Nigerian women employeesNwagbara, Uzoechi; Akanji, Babatunde
2015-01The Nature and Outcomes of Emotion Work in Customer Service ManagementAkanji, Babatunde; Mordi, Chima; Taylor, Agnes
2013-09-01Occupational Stress: A Review on Conceptualisations, Causes and Cure.Akanji, Babatunde
2015-10Organisational Stress: Theoretical Reflections and Proposed Directions for Management Research and Practice.Akanji, Babatunde
2016-08-01An Organisational Study on the Effects of Intrinsic Customer Service Demands: A Perspective from Emotional Labour TheoryAkanji, Babatunde
2012Realities of work life balance in Nigeria: perceptions of role conflict and coping beliefsAkanji, Babatunde
2017-03The Relationship between Culture and Corruption in Nigeria-Prospecting Culture Change in Dealing with this' Big Black Hole'.Akanji, Babatunde
2015-07Reviewing Gaps in Work-Life Research and Prospecting Conceptual Advancement.Akanji, Babatunde; Mordi, Chima; Ojo, Stella