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Title: Quality evaluation of some honey samples from Lagos Nigeria
Authors: Fasasi, K. A.
Malaka, S. L. O.
Amund, Olukayode O.
Keywords: Acidity
Bee farm
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: JTB
Citation: Fasasi, K. A., Malaka, S. L. O., & Amund, O. O. (2005). Quality evaluation of some honey samples from Lagos Nigeria.
Abstract: The quality of five samples of honey obtained from research bee farm (University of Lagos) and Tejuoso market, Lagos, was evaluated. 80 % of the samples exhibited proper maturity based on the low moisture content (17.20 + 0.43 %). The ash contents were within the limit allowed for floral honey (0.6%) and indicating the cleanliness of honey samples. Low hydroxymethylfurfural content (8.49 + 2.67 mg kg-l) and high diastase activity (18.62 + 3.83Go) indicated high level of freshness. The total acidity which was below 40 meq kg-l indicated absence of undesirable fermentation, while the pH (3.87 + 0.20) was within the recommended value. The Glucose, fructose and sucrose contents were 26.80 + 3.96 %, 38.88 + 0.83% and 1.59 + 0.63% respectively.
ISSN: 0795-3089
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